We help your business realise its growth potential

Whether it is to provide non-executive Board guidance, facilitate regional expansion, growth by acquisition, or optimise your insights resource and strategy, Amplifi Consulting will be your (A-Z) partner across your business transformation journey.

Amplifi Consulting was created with a single purpose in mind - to help accelerate your growth.

About us

Through a fit-for-purpose approach designed in consultation with you, Amplifi will help find the right opportunities for growth, support transformative change strategies as well as guide any relevant personnel development plans, at a company, team or individual level.

Amplifi is built on the foundation of optimizing progress based on substantiated guidance - be it based on personal, social, financial or research evidence. Strategies will be data- and insights-led; support for growth (and the measurement thereof) will be framed in the context of corporate targets; and research & data assets will be deployed in a fit-for-purpose manner.

How can Amplifi help your company?

With over 30+ years of change management, business growth and insights and market research expertise, you can trust our independence of view, agility, and objectivity.

You will not be our client, we will be YOUR PARTNER.

Amplifi Consulting recognises that good business decisions are based on good information and good governance; evidence-based insights are the foundation of healthy growth and a resilient organization.

Amplifi offers strategy consulting for your whole company, leadership team and insights teams. Where pertinent, Amplifi can also support education, training and workshop masterclasses. The approach will always be tailored with the sole purpose of amplifying your capacity to grow.
Executive Amplification

Leadership Consultancy

A partnership tier tailored to support the management of growth, and change. We will provide support on corporate expansion and acquisition, senior recruitment, and business governance, across the world.

Insights Amplification


Ensuring the insights resource within an end-user organization or an insights / agency business model is fit-for-purpose. This will facilitate the focus on problem solving and story-telling, and will leverage the strengths of your organization by optimising your data assets and tailoring the insights to your overall business strategy.

Skillset Amplification

Training & Keynotes

We offer tailored programmes to address issues that teams or divisions within an organization are experiencing in the generation, use or application of market insights. We will amplify the knowledge, tools or frameworks needed to tackle these challenges and ensure contribution to success.

Which companies

can Amplifi help?

We will empower any partner with a need for growth, or change.

Whether you are looking for a conference speaker, a coach, a consultant, a change manager or a board advisor,  Amplifi Consulting can help.

Knowledge and (comparative) experience of how different businesses of different sizes have managed change and growth strategies, and the required data and insight mechanisms that have supported them, is what we offer; we will Amplifi your change strategy.

Why choose Amplifi?

My name is Finn Raben and I am the founder of Amplifi Consulting.

With over 30 years of experience in the insights industry, I have worked across most of the biggest research providers; externally, I have developed successful solutions and strategies for multinational corporates (clients of research), whilst internally, I have been involved in re-organising and restructuring the organisations through the design, implementation and management of change programmes.

For the last 14 years, I have straddled both sides of the industry by heading the global business community of insights and analytics, ESOMAR, as its Director General. In this position at the helm of the worldwide insights sector, I have led our profession through the translation, review, adoption and interpretation of key technological, regulatory and methodological evolutions and obstacles.

Through my work at this global association, I have guided and supported organizations on how they can effectively embrace these developments, maintaining and promoting the unique and fundamental principles of how data, research and insights should be treated and applied, to support profitable business growth.  

Through this unique experience, I bring to the table an expertise and approach which cannot be matched by any agency, and is sure to be the right match for your growth ambitions and needs.

"Just wanted to again say thank you so much for your very valuable contribution to what became the best kick off in the history of the company. Your presentation really added to that…this was exceptional value for money!"

John Lauring Pederson

Managing Director

"Let me first and foremost thank you again for participating. I have received so much great feedback, both on your speech and your overall attendance. Really a pleasure for us as a company and for me personally, in every possible way…We are very happy with the event."

Erling J. B. Eriksen


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Amplifi Consulting will help support your business aspirations and realise your growth potential. Let's talk!


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